Curved Roofs

Curveline can curve a wide range of exposed fastener and concealed fastener roof panels, including 3” standing seam profiles. Benefits include outstanding aesthetics, attractive shadow lines and leak-proof performance. Curveline’s proprietary crimp-curving process also enhances the strength and rigidity of panels, increasing their spanning capabilities and minimizing structural support requirements.
This curved 3” standing seam roof system provides an attractive cover for the Baileyana Winery, Paragon Vineyards. The designers used curved roofing to relate thematically to wine barrels. 
Rockwood Public Utilities District Pumping Station (Portland, Oregon) is located in a park area, with a public walkway around it. Because of the setting, the architect wanted to design a building that would be more soothing than standard infrastructure architecture. A key strategy in softening the look was the use of curved roofing.
A curved concealed fastener roof tops the Carter High School (Rialto, California). Curved metal roofing was chosen for its contemporary look, durability and ease of maintenance.