Crystal Geyser Bottling Facility

When Crystal Geyser started planning their new Roxane bottling plant, to be located at the base of Mount Shasta in Weed, Calif., they wanted to use a metal building concept. But an ordinary “metal box” would not do: This project was to be an architectural showplace both inside and out. It also had to be constructed on an extremely tight schedule. The building also had to withstand a 60-lb. snow load due to the high (3,000 ft.) elevation of the site.
The use of a pre-engineered building package from American Buildings Company enabled the building team to keep to the required fast-track construction schedule. The time frame from groundbreaking to grand opening was just 101 days, with construction proceeding under a constant barrage of El Nino snow and rainstorms.

It is doubtful whether construction could have been completed so quickly using any other method. Pre-engineered building techniques also enabled the team to achieve the required spans and snow loads.

Crimp-curved panels from Curveline are credited with helping the project to achieve aesthetic objectives. The builder noted that the use of curved panels provided a relatively economical way to convert a big box into an architectural statement. The panels’ vibrant Sky Blue paint finish conveys the image of fresh mountain spring water.

Curveline’s curving process was used to form decorative eaves, turrets, awnings and columns found in several areas around the building – including radiused fascias and awnings at the office and loading dock sections, corner turrets and decorative sidewall columns. Curving requirements included several double-curved inside and outside miters to achieve the desired aesthetic look. The project utilized about 10,500 sq. ft. of curved components.