Rockwood school

According to project architect Dennis Mortensen, senior architect at Tetra Tech/KCM, “The project is a pumping station located within a park area, with a public walkway around it. Because of the setting, it was important to design a building that would be more soothing than standard infrastructure architecture. A key strategy in softening the look of this building was the use of curved roofing.”

Mortensen added that metal roofing is always the material of choice for such structures because of the need for durability and low maintenance. Use of the Curveline process enabled the building team to use panels curved in one piece from eave to ridge for a smooth, seamless look. The non-reflective blue color was chosen to mimic the colors of nature and blend with the surrounding, heavily wooded park environment.

The project used about 3,500 sq. ft. of curved “Klip Rib®” panels curved by Curveline, Inc. Panels were 24 GA galvanized steel in a dark blue Kynar 500 finish. Curveline used its proprietary “crimp-curving” process to curve panels in varying lengths from 5-ft. 9” up to 23-ft. 6” to form outside radii from 10-ft. 0” up to 65-ft. 3”.