Harlow Garden
Harlow Gardens

When Harlow Gardens nursery owner Bill Harlow set out to create an outdoor sales area that would be protected against the hot Arizona sun, he wanted a covering that would be functional and blend in aesthetically with the existing property. Designer Peter Wrona states: “Efficiency, strength and beauty were the three features we were seeking. We wanted a covering that would be economical and span the required area without having to use trusses and various substructures that would clutter up the space. By using metal panels in a vaulted configuration, we could create a self-supporting structure that made sparse but effective use of materials.”

The project is located in Tucson, AZ, and Wrona is from Rimrock, AZ. The panel he selected to accomplish his objectives was a 4”-deep profile from Metal Sales Manufacturing Co. They were curved to specification by Curveline Inc. of Ontario, CA, using a proprietary crimp-curving process.

The panels were installed by Bovell Builders, Tempe, AZ, over a system of square tube posts and rafters, with a flat-bottom V channel into which the panels are fastened. The resulting structure is very strong, but has the light, open-air feeling the owner wanted.