baileyana winery
Baileyana Winery

The Baileyana winery is situated on a knoll overlooking the Edna Valley of San Luis Obispo. The original building was constructed in 2000. After a few years, the company had outgrown the original space and called on the building team to create a matching expansion.

As with the original structure, the expansion uses a barreled roof design utilizing crimp-curved 3” deep standing seam panels. The barreled roofs that top the project relate thematically to wine barrels and therefore to the primary function of the facility. Curved flashings further “dress up” the design and ensure water-tight integrity.

Curved standing seam roofing was selected for the original project and the matching expansion because it delivered the desired aesthetics within a tight construction time frame.

By designing a curved panel system that would install directly over purlins without the need for a sub-roof, the building team simplified substructure requirements to save both time and money.

The project uses about 10,000 sq. ft. of American Buildings “Standing Seam II” roofing, a 3” deep standing seam profile in 24 GA galvanized steel with an Evergreen Kynar 500 finish.

Panels in varying lengths were curved to an outside radius of 100 ft. 3” using Curveline, Inc.’s proprietary crimp-curving process.

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