About Curveline

Curveline’s service center makes it easy to use curved metal roofs, walls, fascias, decking and other components on your new or renovation projects. Curveline specializes in the custom-curving of profiled metal panels. So unique it's been patented in 14 countries, Curveline's "crimp-curving" process makes it possible to create a wider range of contours and shapes, using a large variety of metal panels.

Our innovative technology enables you to use economical metal panels for all types of curved architectural components. As a result, you enjoy greater design freedom and superior aesthetics, along with all the durability and high performance that are inherent to metal.

The Curveline process greatly increases the load factor of metal panels. So when you design with curved panels, it’s often possible to reduce panel gauge and/or the amount or type of structural support. The result: material and labor savings. 

Service Center Concept

Curveline is an independent service center that works closely with metal panel and systems building manufacturers across the country to curve their profiled panels to customers' specifications. Only with Curveline do you receive:

  • A selection of panels from dozens of leading manufacturers in more than 100 convenient locations — allowing you to source panels from your supplier of choice. 

  • A large selection of roofing, siding and decking panels to choose from. Visit our Profiles page for an overview of the panels available for curving.

  • The ability to create a nearly unlimited variety of radii and angles. Only Curveline can form single, double, triple radius and S-shaped curves, for maximum design versatility. We can also curve the widest possible range of substrate materials and panel thicknesses. Click on Technical data for general curving parameters.

  • Proven international experience — Metal panels curved by Curveline have been specified for more than 4,000 projects worldwide.

  • Unlimited creativity! Choose a selection from the Applications drop-down menu in our navigation bar to view the many ways these panels can be used.

Learn More

To learn more about Curveline, download our 4-page full color brochure in .pdf format. (4.3 mb).
You can also visit the Technical Data page for additional downloads, including Span Tables and Sketch Drawings.