Case Studies

Curveline can curve a wide range of exposed fastener and concealed fastener roof panels, including 3” standing seam profiles. Benefits include outstanding aesthetics, attractive shadow lines and leak-proof performance. Curveline’s proprietary crimp-curving process also enhances the strength and rigidity of panels, increasing their spanning capabilities and minimizing structural support requirements.

Curved wall panels make it possible to think “outside the box”, adding visual appeal to all types of new or renovated buildings. Applications include curved exterior walls, fascias and mansards, mitered corners, and interior acoustical wall treatments. The Curveline service center approach allows you to source panels from the manufacturer of choice in a wide range of profiles, substrates and finishes.

From functional to fanciful, curved canopies and covers come in all sizes, shapes and colors. These open-style roofs may be used to cover pedestrian walkways, gasoline station service islands, transit shelters and many other applications. Curveline’s crimp-curving process increases the strength and rigidity of the panels, achieving wide spans with minimal framing and substructure support.

Where domed roofs and other vaulted designs are planned, decking panels curved by Curveline and installed “against the grain” save time and money vs. straight panels applied “with the grain”. Crimp-curving increases panel strength to allow use of lighter-gauge material, and achieves 15-20% longer spans for reduced framing and substructure costs. Capabilities include B or N deck in 22-18 GA.

Curveline can produce custom-curved acoustical panels that provide economical “two-in-one” performance, functioning simultaneously as a roof deck and an acoustical ceiling. Use of the Curveline process can eliminate the need to use a separate roof deck and paneled acoustical ceiling, bringing significant construction economies. In addition, project designers may now use domes and arches where flat ceilings were previously required and still achieve the desired acoustical characteristics.

Curveline has the capability to curve a wide selection of perforated roofing, wall and decking profiles. The curved perforated panels may be used aesthetically and/or functionally in exterior and interior applications to perform natural ventilation, light diffusion, sound control and other functions.

Panels suitable for perforating and curving include 20 to 24 GA exposed fastener profiles in depths of 7/8” to 1-1/2” and in a variety of configurations, including standard 7/8” corrugated. Panels are available in painted or unpainted galvanized or Galvalume steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and other specialty metals. Spacing and dimensions of the perforated holes may vary, with up to a 40% open area.

In addition to radiused panels of all types, Curveline can provide crimp-curved mitered corners and either smooth or crimp-curved flashings and trim to complement your project. When used to form standard or customized trim, ridge caps, corners and other components, Curveline’s proprietary process is more economical than stretch-forming and other conventional fabrication methods. Segmented curved flashings can be of any size and can improve the appearance and water-tightness of a crimp-curved, roll-formed or curved membrane roof.