chino airpoint

When the building team set out to plan the 47,000 sq ft Chino Airport Hangar Facility (Chino, Calif.), the developer wanted something more aesthetic than a standard plain-box hangar. The solution: “Instead of placing office space within the hangars, as is the custom, we used office bungalows with curved design elements on the outside of the structure as an architectural enhancement,” says William Handley, P.E., owner of Handley Engineering (Tustin, Calif.), engineer of record for the project who provided the architectural plans. “The curved metal panels provided a nice, clean look and were surprisingly cost-effective.”

“We had seen curved metal panels on other projects and felt that a design incorporating curves would reflect the shape of an airplane and blend nicely with the aviation setting,” adds Bryan Clendenen, head of project management for Aviation Development Corporation (Corona, Calif.), the developer and general contractor.

Approximately 10,300 sq ft of 24-gauge Klip Rib® concealed fastener roofing panels from AEP Span were curved to required specifications at the Curveline service center.

Curveline’s proprietary crimp-curving process increases the strength and rigidity of panels, allowing curved roofs to be erected with minimal framing. For the hangar project, panels were applied directly over Z-purlins. The design required panels in five different lengths, curved into varying outside radii and angles. “Despite the complex curving requirements, every panel proved to be a perfect fit,” Clendenen comments.

The systems building erector was American Buildings Company, Bellaire, Tex. Curved panel installer was Steelwood Erectors, Riverside, Calif.