Designed by the project’s general contractor, The Haskell Company of Jacksonville, FL, and fabricated by Classic Recreation Systems Inc. of Dewey, AZ, the curved entryways at the Gatorade manufacturing facility in Tolleson, AZ, provide shade and shelter while offering an aesthetic contrast to the large rectangular tilt-up concrete building. The entryway structures are Classic Recreation’s “Colorado” Model with HSS steel tube framing and curved HR-36 metal roofing. The large support columns are poured-in-place concrete, which was selected to provide a visual link to the facility’s predominant construction.

The project uses 1500+ sq. ft. of the 24-GA curved metal roof panels—in lengths from 16.5 ft. up to 23.33 ft.—curved to an outside radius of 20-ft. 9-1/2”.

They were manufactured in AEP Span’s Fontana, CA, plant and then curved to specification using Curveline’s patented “crimp-curving” method, which greatly increases the load factor of the roof panels, making it possible to achieve wide spans with minimal framing. The curved panels were then fastened directly to the framing—with no need for a sub-roof—by Butch Randolph & Associates of Phoenix, AZ.

Curveline is headquartered in Ontario, CA. In addition to profiles offered by AEP Span, the company is able to curve products offered by other leading metal roofing manufacturers as well.