landerbrook place office building

From the day they started planning the Landerbrook Place office building, the owners and designers wanted to create something different from the conventional granite-and-glass, brick and stone buildings that dominate the area. The resulting design weds unconventional materials with equally unconventional contours and curves. The three-story building’s exterior is a dynamic combination of horizontal stainless steel panels, aluminum sidewall, and wraparound reflective glass.

Payto Architects (Cleveland) chose stainless steel as the dominant material because of its progressive, high-tech look. To “soften” the steel with sweeping, smoothly curved lines, they relied on Curveline crimp-curving technology.

The building uses a vocabulary of curving walls and rounded corners, column covers, flashings and trim – all horizontally applied and dramatically punctuated at intervals with contrasting dark reflective curtainwall. According to the architect, the softly curved lines “provide a playground for the sun and light to dance on the glass and stainless steel surfaces. The overall effect is a constantly changing kaleidoscope of color, light and shadows.”

The exterior uses nearly 26,000 sq. ft. of stainless steel, including 7,200 sq. ft. of curved panels. The profile is a 22-GA 1-1/2” deep siding panel. Curveline shaped panels into a variety of radii – from an approximate one-foot radius for the column covers to a 14-ft, 7” radius for the curved walls. Flashings, copings and feature bands designed for horizontal installation between panels also received radius treatment.  H.S. Westover, Inc. (Brunswick, OH) installed the panels.