Developed by Illuminated Designs, Inc. this project is an example of the Metrocurve model of the MODERNWASH car wash. It was created to be an innovative, complementary system of structures that are extremely adaptable and flexible in order to meet the specific needs of the modern carwash industry.

The Metrocurve model as shown is a bright, open building design that alleviates safety concerns with a glass sidewall system framed in anodized aluminum, allowing for an unobstructed view.

The structure incorporates a prefabricated exposed structural frame supplied by Classic Recreation Systems in a choice of standard or custom colors. The building features a distinctive design element in the form of a curved HR-36 profile metal roof supplied by AEP Span and curved to specifications by Curveline, Inc.

According to designer Timothy Hogue, “The building system is extensive and adaptive to comply with several custom configurations. The unique contemporary structural framework combines with high-tech plastics, glass and aluminum, to create the future in carwash design.”