speer field

According to John Adams of JAG Architecture (La Mesa, Calif.), “The basic design premise was to capture the flavor of the golden age of aviation from the 1930s. To accomplish this, we used three distinct roof styles. The hangars with the widest spans use classic bowstring trusses with curved “R” panel roofing manufactured by McElroy, while the other structures use a mix of gambrel and gable roof styles.”

Adams also notes that Curveline’s crimp-curving process was part of the original design premise because it allowed the design team to achieve “roof lines with more character.”

Curveline curved panels in two lengths to an outside radius of 84-ft. 9-1/2” and also provided custom-curved rake barge flashings that provide enhanced shadow lines, further contributing to the aesthetics of the curved-roof buildings.

This multi-hangar complex contains overnight crew quarters as well as lofts/mezzanines which are used for aviation related uses. “We equipped these structures to be more than just straightforward hangars; the layout has been really well received and has turned out to be much more space efficient than standard T-hangars. Some of the tenants have made extraordinary use of the space,” says Adams.

The project uses about 28,000 sq. ft. of curved roof panels in 24 GA galvanized steel in Kynar 500 Evergreen and Charcoal finishes.