Technical Data

The following general guidelines apply to crimp-curved panel applications. 

Panel thickness:

Steel: 18 gauge to 26 gauge


.032", .040", .050", temper H14

Panel length:

2 ft minimum; 35 ft maximum (depending on radius)

Panel depth:

3/4" to 4" deep

Panel width:

4 ft maximum


Panel materials suitable for crimp-curving include painted or unpainted galvanized steel, or Galvalume, Acrylic Coated Galvalume®, aluminum, anodized aluminum and stainless steel. ASTM Grades A, B, C, CQ and D steel can be readily crimp-curved.

Minimum radius:

Varies by profile: As a general rule, allow 1 ft of radius for every inch of panel depth. Consult Curveline for further information.

Colors and finishes:

Virtually all paint systems used on standard profiled panels are suitable for crimp-curving. Consult panel manufacturer for information on available colors and finishes. Crimp-curving can also be performed on anodized panels, or on panels which are primed for post-painting. Stainless steel Type 304-2B finishes are also suitable for curving.

Technical support services:

Curveline's technical staff is available to answer your questions on all types of standard and special curving applications. Curveline can provide additional technical data on request, including engineering span tables based on snow load and wind conditions. Sketch drawings are also available to stimulate design ideas.

Curved Panel Applications