The Neenan Company of Fort Collins, CO, utilized curved metal decking as an aesthetic element in its design of the Vancouver Clinic in Vancouver, WA. The project incorporates approximately 10,000 sq. ft. of the curved deck panels to support a barrel vault roof that accents the distinctive main entrance and then extends back 260’ over the second floor. Curved decking also shelters an attached carport.

The deck product chosen for the application was 20-gauge B deck panels from ASC Steel Deck of West Sacramento, CA.

These panels were then curved to specification by Curveline Inc. of Ontario, CA, using its proprietary crimp-curving process. The 18’-3”-long panels were curved to an outside radius of 37’-6” and a 28-degree angle. The crimp-curving process increases the strength and rigidity of the panels, allowing the deck to be installed with minimal framing.

According to the architect, “The Vancouver Clinic employs buildings as vehicles for change; enabling the deployment of recruiting, staffing and new operational processes in order to improve utilization and throughput.

The new Salmon Creek facility embodies the spirit of the clinic and creates image, familiarity and adaptability for the rapidly changing world of a ‘super clinic.’ With deliberate design and planning, the Salmon Creek facility transformed a clinical environment into a wellness environment with an unmatched environment for outpatient care.”

R.F. Stearns Inc. of West Linn, OR, installed the steel decking and erected the necessary support framing.